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Bears of Israel Calendar 2021 is a non-profit initiative aimed at empowering the Israeli Bear community. It features real members of the community in an effort to promote body pride and sex positivity.

The project was created as a response to this difficult year and due to our absence from public spaces. Being seen is not only our way to say "we are here" but it is also the glue that holds us together as a community. 

So, how do you create a feeling of togetherness when there are no clubs, no parades and no Bear pride weekends? You take twenty beautiful people, who represent the wonderful diversity within our group: diversity in size, body type, skin color, geographic location, gender and sexual identity and showcase them!


The bear is always located at the center of the photo. The idea was to use only a few props to tie in the theme of the month. The result is a wonderful Bear celebration lasting a full year.

This grassroots project was created by Noam Roth, an entrepreneur and producer in the Bear community, and Orr Friedman, an activist and titleholder of Mr. Bear Israel 2019-2021, with the help and support of many volunteers from the community.

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