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Two well know characters in the bear community, Orr and Noam have known each other for a while, and started cooperating after Orr won Mr. Bear Israel contest.


Noam Roth

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One of the leading members of the Bear community in Israel. He is the producer of the project and was involved in every part of the creative process.


Orr Friedman

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Orr is an LGBTQ+ activist and the current title holder of Mr. Bear Israel 2019-2021. He is the creator of this project, the artistic director, recruiting manager, content writer, and overall, the driving force behind it.

This calendar could not have been produced without the help of some very special people, whom we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts:

Naor Lavi executive production of the photoshoot

Eli Bohbot photography

Bob Orel branding and graphic design

Liron Marton from Mar Mar Design props and clothing

Orel Alloushe Ben Shalom styling and artistic advice

Racheli Valensi hair and make-up

Nadav Gabay assisting with the photoshoot

Yonatan Kubani marketing

Tomo Hen assigning

llan Bazel & Tomer Patael research

Tal Dorot filming

Fotis Liondos website design


And the entire Israeli bear community for its love and support.

You are the reason we are doing all this.


Thank you!

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